UncategorizedThe inside of my everyday backpack in 2008

The inside of my everyday backpack in 2008

Via Flickr:
All of these things (with some small exceptions) are still working!
– The G3 PowerBook has since retired (replaced by an ASUS netbook and then afterwards by a second-hand ThinkPad), for a time it provided hosting for my Mac museum webpage.
– The white, fourth-gen 60 GB iPod is now permanently docked in a set of powered speakers, its battery has since been replaced. The hard drive is a bit temperamental, but it mostly works!
– My old Palm Z22 and the little Nokia 6070 phone were both replaced when I got my first smartphone, a Palm Centro. Years later, I still used the Centro when I travelled abroad, due to the unavailability (at the time) of MetrO for Android (a public transport route planner).
– Unfortunately, the earphones pictured are only partially working, one of the channels is not making proper contact (I still intend to re-solder them, they are very comfortable to use! šŸ™‚ )
– The TI-84 calculator proved relatively useful on my 1st year at the university, but afterwards things became either too demonstration-based or too complex to make any good use of it…
– The pencil case is still the same! (I think I have it since year 8 or something… šŸ˜‰ )
– And so is the keyring, with the difference that now I have much more keys in it…

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