UncategorizedToday I capsized on a single…

Today I capsized on a single…

… but I did it deliberately! šŸ™‚ Apparently for security & insurance purposes British Rowing has some guidelines on simulated capsizing drills the clubs must do with every new member. Here at the University’s boat club they hosted it on a public pool: we had to do a 15-second underwater breath test, swim two lanes and finally capsize a single (they brought two singles to the pool, it was quite a sight to have two rowing boats right in the middle of the pool! :P).

It was quite interesting, and I managed to learn a few things (even though I’ve already capsized twice in the whole of my rowing life – both them unintentionally and in one of them the water wasn’t as nice as the one in the pool! :P). Apparently one has to double-tap the boat hull (to signal others you’re still down there and trying to set yourself free, I suppose), and when resurfacing it is important to hold one’s arm above the head in order to prevent injuries, should one hit the head on the boat’s rigger (I found this quite important, I had never thought about it!).

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