Uncategorized100th blog post!

100th blog post!


Yes, the WordPress dashboard does not lie, this is my 100th post here! šŸ™‚

I started this blog in August last year after returning home from a 6-month period abroad in Canterbury (I still managed to have a short holiday in the last week there with my brother, and we had great fun roaming around Kent and also exploring London for a couple of days!).

It accompanied me throughout the final stages of my MSc thesis, its viva and future prospects which ultimately brought me to Canterbury again. And, so far I’ve been using it to rant about the weather and make a more-or-less boring account of what I have been up to around here. Even looking at my November posts I feel that I already had a slight evolution, as I’m gradually progressing from a “fresh-from-university” MSc student into a more responsible and independent researcher and even teacher. It is quite amazing how so much can change in such a short span of time!

OK, here’s to another 100 posts! (hopefully not as long as the ones I’ve been outputting lately!)

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