The diagnostic tool I bought for my car a month ago arrived! šŸ™‚ I shouldn’t complain much, it came from China, with free shipping!

Now I’ll finally be able to tell what is causing my car’s engine management light to randomly lit up from time to time. Strangely, in the last few days it has been very quiet!…

Edit: I ran a few tests yesterday, apparently the only error code stored on the ECU is related to an intermittent high voltage on the coolant temperature sensor – I suspect there is a loose connection somewhere, as most of the times the ECU warning lights up when I’m cornering. I monitored the sensor through the interface, and it seemed to be reporting the temperature properly! (anyway, the sensor is only Ā£10 from Vauxhall and very easy to replace, if it comes to that I’ll take care of it myself…)

So cool to be able to monitor 50+ parameters of my car’s engine just through a data connection! It really brings up the geek in me! šŸ˜€

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