UncategorizedGood weather aplenty!

Good weather aplenty!

Judging from the lack of lengthy posts around here, you should have suspected that already! šŸ˜‰ I’ve been too busy enjoying myself in the sun and warmth, and also doing some sort of useful work on the side :).

Last week was a bit hectic, a combination of both birthday party, some other group celebrations, house hunting and a paper in the process of being written. I mean, I can’t really complain – I am completely master of my time now, no-one depends on me and I don’t depend on anybody, so I can afford arriving home at 21h if I want/need to.

Meanwhile, the good weather has been more or less constant, which means I was able to row on both Saturday and Sunday – hooray! On Sunday it was absolutely fantastic – no wind at all, and I had the river mostly for myself, flat water aplenty! It is true that I have a few bends to worry about, and the river is narrower than some B-class roads around here, but I’m in the water with a more-or-less OK single! I am grateful, and I became even more grateful after reading this post about people rowing in the devastation caused by hurricane Katrina – my tribulations are nothing compared to theirs!

After more than one year living here in Canterbury, I finally entered the Cathedral! Shame on me…
Whitstable sea front, as seen from the big groyne in the low tide. Quite a fantastic day, people were even bathing in the sea… in early May!

Yesterday I also had a good friend visiting me. We had a great time, I showed him some of the views around here, sadly there were no oysters because we got there too late! (and it was Sunday…)

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