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Cheap home insurance, but…


I got this through the post today – they seem to be barking at the wrong tree as we are all students with barely any valuables, but anyway, I kept reading… Ā£100 per year (with the cashback) doesn’t seem that bad – but they have made some assumptions. OK, let me see what they were…


Right, so they got the # of bedrooms wrong, but the house has been recently refurbished so I’ll concede them that. I kept reading, though… hold on, applicant’s age 67 years old??! And how on Earth was I capable of having 5 years of no claims bonus if I’m only in this country for less than 3 years? šŸ˜›

The funny bit is that it seems the house has aged significantly since the last letter we’ve received (I think it wasn’t home insurance, it was about refurbs & home insulation) – we went from 1968 to 1955 in just a few weeks! šŸ™‚

Still, I don’t know how Halifax got hold of my mailing address. But that’s fine – they make me laugh from time to time, no grudges held!

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