Me next to the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco, Feburary 2016. (photo by G. Hofmans)

Hello there, and welcome to my personal web page/blog!

My name is Manuel Marques, and I’m a post-doctoral researcher at the Applied Optics Group in the University of Kent (United Kingdom). My work lies mostly in the area of Applied Optics, namely white light interferometry and its two/three-dimensional variant, optical coherence tomography.

Outside work I’m a keen runner/sculler/rower/cyclist, and I do enjoy the outdoors (photographing them is a bonus, too!). Other hobbies include tinkering with things, both big and small (not always with a positive outcome, I must say), travelling, reading, you know, the usual list of things that everybody likes but has little time to actually do!

Please feel free to roam around, make sure to avoid check my random ramblings in the “Blog” section. If you’re in a more serious mood, you can have a look in the “About Me” section, where I also have all my academic curriculum entries listed, along with my CV.