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Naughty Thorlabs!

Manuel Marques June 10, 2013 No Comments Uncategorized , , ,

The other day I was just happily surfing through Thorlabs’ website (shopping! Yay!), when something very tiny caught my eye:

Screenshot - 100613 - 22:44:12

Wait a minute… that light bulb over there seems quite familiar! I know I’ve seen it somewhere before, but where? šŸ™‚

Haha! There you go, I knew I had seen it somewhere! šŸ˜€ Thorlabs, Thorlabs… – it is true Apple will probably not chase you because of a product logo which was discontinued more than 10 years ago, but still, you could draw your own light bulb, it is not that difficult!

(although I’m not sure about the “not chasing you out” bit. Apple has a long story of being pushed around (remember “Sosumi”, the Mac OS sound?) and is also famous for pushing around as well!…)

Apple ][ language card!

Manuel Marques May 30, 2013 No Comments Uncategorized , ,

Via Flickr:
Wondering around the lab with my supervisor and checking old cupboards, we found this! Copyright 1977,1978,1979 Apple Computer Inc šŸ™‚
So, I am another step closer to get my hands in an Apple ][! I got an Apple monochrome monitor recently, now this (there’s also another card, an 4-bit (?) ADC with a BNC connector dangling off it – more history!), ha, keep waiting! šŸ˜€

The venerable PowerBook

Manuel Marques August 20, 2012 No Comments Uncategorized , , , , ,

PowerBook G3 "Pismo", back

that was serving both my personal webpage and my “virtual museum” website before I migrated everything to this new off-site server. When I went abroad for 6 months I left it on 24/7, and it never crashed! Just look at that, a 12-year old computer with a 200+-day uptime!!


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