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UKC Rowing Ergathon!!

Manuel Marques March 19, 2013 No Comments Uncategorized , ,

UKC Rowing Ergathon!

The cheerful chaps at my University’s rowing club are hosting a 3-day competition with charity purposes, the Ergathon (basically a rowing marathon in an ergometer, aka the machine of death 😛 ).

This year we will attempt to row the distance between Canterbury and Paris, which apparently is around 285 km as the crow flies. We have two teams of rowers competing to see whoever gets there first, and they will be rotating in 30 minute slots trying to put as many miles as possible during that time.

The event will take place in either the University campus (this Thursday) or down in the city centre (apparently it will be next to Café Rouge, just off the High Street) in Friday and Saturday.

If you’re in Canterbury be sure to stop by to cheer (and perhaps donate a few quid! 😉 ), and you might get lucky and see yours truly here, the leisure rower, actually doing something on the erg (quite a rare sight, I should tell you).

Part of the donations will revert to our club to get some much-needed equipment, and the rest to the Strode Park Foundation, a local charity working to provide high quality services to meet the changing and individual needs of people with disabilities.

May the best team win! 🙂

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