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On trail mixes…

Manuel Marques February 16, 2015 No Comments Uncategorized , , , ,

IMG_20150214_225537This is a remnant of my trip to America last October – I’ve been having this quite regularly but it is still far from empty! This particular mix (spicy tex mex) was one of the most “civilised” ones, with mostly nuts and seeds – but I have seen similarly sized jars with everything including sweets and MM’s in it! For someone who is only used to see seeds, dry fruit and eventually some sugared bits of fruit in it that was a bit of a revelation šŸ™‚

Location update: Tucson, AZ!

Manuel Marques October 20, 2014 No Comments Uncategorized , , , , , ,


And here I am in Tucson! After sleeping the jet lag through (one night’s sleep and I was fine! šŸ™‚ ), we had a very busy day at the OSA Student Leadership Conference, with plenty of inspiring talks and good speakers. Plus, it was quite refreshing to see what kind of activities other student chapters across the world are doing, and eventually – ahem – take some of those ideas back to our own Student Chapter!

Pretty productive day, and met a lot of interesting people so far. And now… let the actual conference begin! šŸ™‚ (and I’m now going to bed, as I still want to cram an early morning run before things start getting busy…)

Some more photos of the glorious sunshine (which turned into rain in the evening, British-weather-style) are available on my Flickr album.


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