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Argh, stupid hackers with too much free time in their hands…

Manuel Marques April 17, 2013 No Comments Uncategorized , ,

Since a few days ago I’ve been unable to access the admin section of my blog – apparently there has been a coordinated DDoS attack to most self hosted wordpress installations, and my provider blocked the access to the wp-login script, hence I’m locked out!

I could only post this through the WordPress app for Android, which apparently can go around the wp-login script.
Hopefully this will be sorted in the next few days!
Some people definitely have too much free time on their hands…

Blog appearance refreshed!

Manuel Marques March 16, 2013 No Comments Uncategorized , ,

WordPress was nagging me for quite some time to update this to the latest (3.5.1?) version, and for a reason which I still don’t understand the automated upgrade process did not work (perhaps it is related to the fact that I’m using a free web hosting service, as I notice that some of the PHP functions take some time to run…).

Anyway, I upgraded it and decided to do a bit of spring cleaning (even though spring is nowhere to be seen around here!…). I settled for the Twenty Ten theme (Twenty Twelve looks nice but lacks areas to put widgets, it only provides a single sidebar!), and updated the header images (I think I’ll still add some more, time permitting – I have to re-size them to fit the space constraints on the header, and that still takes some time…).

However, I still can’t link my postings with Facebook. I’ve set it up as they instruct on their website, created the app, defined the Open Graph actions, but it still won’t work! And apparently I am not alone with this issue, as a simple Google search hinted.

Edit: apparently the issue randomly comes and goes, as my rant about the famous English weather (which is becoming a recurring topic… šŸ˜› ) was automatically published to the Facebook timeline without any problems. Well, perhaps I shouldn’t care that much about this, I’ll just let it work it out on its own! šŸ™‚

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