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January 16th, 2014

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Via Flickr:
A little contraption I’ve devised to prevent my test subject’s (aka supervisor šŸ™‚ ) eye from following the scanning line and thus introduce motion artifacts on my images. Don’t worry, the output optical power in this laser diode can be controlled properly, it is not my intention to blind anyone! šŸ™‚

January 15th, 2014

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Via Flickr:
So apparently in 8055 the calendar will change radically – December will have at least 43 days!
(it sounds great – a longer period in that "gray area" between Xmas and New Year’s in which no-one actually works properly because it is still "sort of Holiday Season"! šŸ™‚ . We may not have Xmas or New Year’s by then, though… šŸ˜› )

Now thank you, Yahoo!…

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Screenshot - 210513 - 08:43:27they “Facebooked” Flickr! šŸ˜› Not sure if I’ll get used to this new appearance – but hey, at least I can now keep the same cover image in all my online profiles (minus LinkedIn), yay!

I didn’t like the fact that they doubled the fee for the Pro accounts, though! šŸ™

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