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On the filthiness of my bicycle…

Manuel Marques March 24, 2013 No Comments Uncategorized , , ,

I was hoping for weather conditions that at least would let me wash my bike outside, with cold water, without freezing my hands to death. Apparently that will not come soon… and meanwhile I’m getting even more mud in the frame 🙁 .

(in comparison, I’ve managed to wash my car while in Portugal in the last days of December ! It was quite sunny and nice outside…)

As I drew my curtains open this morning…

Manuel Marques March 23, 2013 No Comments Uncategorized , , ,

Via Flickr:
… I was presented with this familiar sight. Apparently Mr Winter does not want to go away just yet…

But instead of just moaning about the fact that the Ergathon got cancelled for today (and the outings for tomorrow, as well!) I decided to take out my bicycle and do some proper photographing of my wintry surroundings.

Cycled up the hill and ventured beyond the campus (this was actually the first time I took the Raleigh on the Crab & Winkle way!), armed with my digital SLR and a good coat. The snow wasn’t that bad… apart from some bits which were quite muddy (and the “muddiness” was hidden by the layer of snow on top) I had no issues today, either cycling on- and off-road.

Funnily enough, I discovered that I had a photo from last year (around this very same time) in one of the spots I stopped at today. Can you tell which one is 2012 and which one is 2013? 🙂


See more images in my Flickr photostream (they are all geotagged, in case you’re around here and want to check it out – this cycle route and its surrounding woods are definitely worth a visit!).

Spot the purple!

Manuel Marques March 16, 2013 1 Comment Uncategorized ,

windguru-whitstableFunny, isn’t it? The bad, windy and rainy weather eagerly waits for the weekend to show all of its potential (and to ruin my outings and make my shopping trips to the city centre quite miserable…).

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