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Just my luck…

Manuel Marques November 10, 2012 No Comments Uncategorized , ,

Missed the Oporto Marathon because flights to the UK were terribly expensive the week after it occurred (apparently it coincided with the mid-term week vacation for UK schools, I came to discover), therefore I had to leave earlier, despite having endured a 2-month training programme with my friends at the rowing club…

… and now I will be missing the Oporto S. Silvestre 10k run, since I will have surgery (nothing serious, it was already sort of planned…) the day before! Definitely something is conspiring against my running activities!

(now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going out for a run. 9ºC and a drizzle outside? Go for it! 🙂 )

Location update: Canterbury, Kent!

Manuel Marques October 27, 2012 2 Comments Uncategorized , , , ,

So yeah, I don’t know what on earth was I thinking to move from a sunny, warm climate into the famous English climate again. But the fact is that on Tuesday we were having highs of 27ºC in Porto, and in here I’d be most grateful if the 10ºC barrier would be passed. But it is not the cold that bothers me the most, it is really the lack of sun – the last time I saw the sun was 2 days ago, when the plane was making its descent towards Gatwick. I think I’m starting to understand the desire of old English folks to spend their retirement years in Portugal and Spain… 🙂

And now I’ve began the unavoidable house hunt – trouble is, since I came so late in the term, almost everything was taken, leaving only some not-so-nice properties. Fortunately I managed to find a very good one on my first visit (call that luck!), and if nothing better comes (the three houses that followed couldn’t compare to this one, definitely not!) I will most gladly move there.

I want to sort this accommodation issue ASAP, there are so many interesting challenges up ahead, I really can’t wait to start working! 😀

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