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facebook report – Wolfram|Alpha

Manuel Marques October 11, 2012 No Comments Uncategorized , , ,

facebook report – Wolfram|Alpha.

Yet another very interesting feature of Wolfram|Alpha! I liked the “Friend Network” chart in particular – it only confirmed the idea I had, that I have some very well defined friend clusters (some even completely watertight!), with some curious exceptions (such as my brother being right in the middle of my rowing club buddies, while the rest of the family is clustered elsewhere). And then there are the outliers, some are really well apart from the big clusters!

If you want to do this as well, you have to link your Facebook account to the Wolfram|Alpha app (but I reckon this is OK, Wolfram is not evil! :)) and then run the “facebook report” query on the main Wolfram|Alpha input box. Very interesting, indeed!

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