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Tricks of the light

Yesterday I had some fun with my DSLR camera and tripod. I stood in almost complete darkness taking some long exposure time photos, here are the results:

Gazing at the darkness!...

This first one actually was not in complete darkness, as the house has a big halogen projector triggered by a motion sensor to illuminate the drive at night. Quite clever, but I wanted complete darkness – and since I couldn’t find the switch for it I had to wait until the timer went out, and then move surreptitiously without triggering the sensor again… šŸ™‚



I like this one in particular – the projector went off, and I took this with a 30 second exposure time, F/4 aperture and ISO cranked up to the maximum (1600 or 3200? Can’t remember). It looks very grainy, which gives it quite a cool effect.


And then I played a bit with my car (my neighbours probably think I’m some sort of a nutcracker, standing just in shorts (it was quite hot outside) in complete darkness, photographing my car with various light settings. But I did have fun :).

More tricks of the light

This last one turned out to be quite nice – and this was only with the position lights on, no headlamps! (I could probably have set the f/# to a larger value…)

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