UncategorizedWhat happened here?

What happened here?

It seems that this website has endured the most radical transformation since I created it back in… when was it?… 2013? Earlier? 🤦

Anyway, “tidy up my website” was hanging round my to-do list for quite some time now… and I’ve used some slight down time this weekend to do something about it – trying to get it a bit cleaner and looking a bit more professional (which failed already by the use of emojis in the first paragraph, outch! 😁).

My last post here was back in the autumn of 2017!! Crikey, how time flies – we’re already nearly mid-way through the second month of 2019, and a whole year (and a bit) has gone by.

To sum up 2018: worked in an increasingly large number of projects, published a couple of papers (one got rejected unfortunately… 😢), travelled a little bit. On a more personal level, I am a year older (obviously!), approaching the big “three-oh” this year (outch! 👴👴), but I’m trying to push off the natural order of things by knackering myself on and off the water. 2018 was a great year for my rowing, having been CARA J4+ and J2- champion (the sculling started all right but got lost somewhere along the way… there’s always next year!). Onwards and upwards!

OK, that’s 2018 summed up in a paragraph. As for 2019, watch this space… hopefully I’ll update this more frequently (I know, I know… I always say that! Possibly see you in 2020 at this rate! 😂😂)

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