UncategorizedAfter a number of visits from the evil lab fairy…

After a number of visits from the evil lab fairy…

… it turns out my lab was visited during my absence by her cousin, the good lab fairy! Not only were the windowsills cleaned (cobwebs everywhere, one could hardly call that a clean room!), but the issue that was affecting my system seems to have magically vanished.

I’ve documented it, tested it, wrote a case to present to the NI engineers so that they could help me sort out my issue, and yet… it healed on its own!

One has to say… I should go on holidays more often and leave things sort themselves out! šŸ˜€

PS: apparently the windowsills business was actually the cleaners who came during the time I was out. But again the good lab fairy was there, as no fibres were broken nor is the system misaligned! šŸ™‚

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